A long long time ago

… I used to have a blog. It was more of a place to rant, but a blog none-the-less.

It started off as a way for me to learn PHP and web development in general. Wordpress was at version 1.2, and rolling my own web log seemed like a great way to really get my feet wet in learning PHP.

I had a programming buddy and everything! The pride and accomplishment of such a simple task was monumental, but then the maintenance and addition of new features got too cumbersome as restrictions on my time became greater. I switched over to WordPress and never looked back.

So you might be asking yourself, what about that old blog? Well, it’s dead… laying dead in the graveyard of the web, otherwise known as archive.org. A plethora of things moved my online presence further and further away until I couldn’t be bothered, but I missed it.

Finally, I’ve decided to jump back into the ring and reassert myself. This time it’ll be different! Maybe I’ll even resurrect my old posts.

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